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Peach Ecology was established in 2015 although founding member Davog McCloskey has been working in ecology and conservation projects since 1996 and prior to this in the construction industry. He managed two successful ecological consultancies since 2007 and through this has developed an extensive commercial knowledge, a pragmatic approach and thorough understanding of the planning process.

Innovative Solutions

Peach Ecology have experience of dealing with ecology issues in any planning context although key areas of expertise are managing development and residential projects. We are used to overcoming a wide range of challenges such as wildlife legislation, timeframes and planning constraints.

Experienced and Professional

We have considerable experience in devising and implementing mitigation strategies for all bat species, sand lizards, smooth snakes, dormice, barn owls and great crested newts and hold the appropriate licences for these protected species.

A commercial understanding

We are passionate about supporting clients helping navigate them through UK wildlife legislation and policy in order to achieve positive outcomes at sensible budgets.

A partnership approach

We believe that the best solutions are often the simplest and are based on collaboration.

Peach Ecology